Bitrack System
The surgical robot that improves efficiency and usability, offering advantages for the patient,
the surgeon and the hospital.
The opportunity
Only around 2% of total targeted procedures are currently performed with robots. With 6K surgical robots installed, each robot performs less than one surgery per day.
The challenge: universalise
We have proposed to universalise high-precision surgery with a new efficiency approach where precision and safety are a must and that allows for a wider range of surgical procedures and reach an unbeatable balance between added value and cost.
Universalising high-precision surgery
Our value proposition

Overcome the limitations of current robotic systems

Bitrack is the result of more than ten years of cutting-edge research in surgical robotics. Our value proposition is to improve the efficiency of today’s robots through unique technology, improved usability, and cost reduction per surgery.

Bitrack System

Hybrid Surgery Concept

HYBRID SURGERY is a new surgical approach that allows for combining MIS and MIRS in the same procedure and to move quickly from MIS to MIRS. HYBRID SURGERY is a new surgical approach that is possible and make sense only with an open and flexible robotic platform like Bitrack System.

A New Surgical Approach

Bitrack System

  • Improve the efficiency
  • Precision & Performance
  • Safety & Usability
Discover The Technology

Designed to improve the efficiency of today’s minimally invasive surgery

  • Core Technology

    The unique robotic column architecture provides a multi-quadrant surgical access which allows robotic station placement in any position around the patient

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  • Flexible and modular

    Fast, easy and flexible installation and docking process.

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  • Hybrid surgery

    Open source ports allow both robotic and traditional lap instruments to operate simultaneously.

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    Rob Media

    Rob Surgical, new member of Cataloniabio

    Rob Surgical has joined CataloniaBio, the Catalan association of biomedical and healthcare companies that acts as a lobby and key entity for B2B synergies, internationalisation and attracting investors.

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    The entity interviewed Jaume Amat, CEO of Rob Surgical and member of the current board of directors of CataloniaBio, who explained the key points of Bitrack, the new system for minimally invasive surgery, designed and developed with top specialists from Catalonia and the United States.